We specialise in self-guided custom cycling tours in the Dordogne.

Our system for self guided cycling tours in the Dordogne works as follows:

We provide the routes, bikes and equipment, and transfer your luggage (or you can rent panniers to carry your own luggage). You must make your own accommodation arrangements – this keeps costs to a minimum, transparent, and gives you the freedom to choose your lodging. Please visit our Where to Stay page for a list of accommodation recommendations.

All the equipment, maps, information on routes and points of interest are included in the bike rental fee, see our Bike Rental page. We deliver the bikes to your start location, and collect them after your tour – this is also included in the bike rental fee. Upon delivery, we will spend sufficient time with you for bike fitting & orientation. We remain available during your tour, for any assistance, if required.

We’ll help you plan your itineraries with marked maps, according to your riding level and interests: prehistory sites, renaissance and medieval castles, bastides, market towns, or just excellent rides on quiet country roads linking honey coloured stone villages.

The routes and itineraries we use are updated regularly, and are the result of 35 years of personal cycling experience in the region and 24 years of client feedback ; they take in the best cycling routes and points of interest that the region has to offer. World class rides are assured !

Terrain : this region is hilly, but not at all extreme, the maximum elevation difference between valley floor & hilltop on our routes is 200 metres.

Tour Rates : Bike Rental rates and inclusions apply.

The only optional extras to consider are:

  • Luggage transfers :  60€ per transfer for 2 people, 80€ per transfer for groups.
  • Waterproof panniers (sport/touring bikes) : 25€ per set per trip (to carry your own luggage).
  • Luggage storage : 20 € per bag (or if you return to the same lodging at the end of your tour, leave your bags free of charge).

Please visit the Classic Dordogne Tour page for our most popular touring option, and the Touring Options page for other touring suggestions.

To set up your cycling tour in the Dordogne with Aquitaine Bike:

1. Choose your touring option:

a. Classic Dordogne Tour (40-50km per day): visit the Classic Dordogne Tour page for details

b. Wild Boar Tour (40-60km per day): visit the Touring Options page for details

c. 4/5/8 Day Tours (40-60km, 30-35km, 40-50km per day): visit the 4/5/8 Day Tours page for details

d. Two Rivers Tour (30-35km per day): visit the Touring Options page for details

        e. Family Tour (25 – 30km per day) : visit the Touring Options page for details

        f. Other touring route.

g. Daily Loop Rides from one location (we can advise on good cycling routes from wherever you are staying)

2. Choose your accommodation: visit the Where to Stay page for suggestions & recommendations.

Note: you must make your own accommodation reservations.

3. Choose the type of bike you require: visit the Bike Rental page for details

a. Sport/touring bikes (regular and ladies frames available)

b. Road bikes

c. Kids bikes

4. Email us ( aquitainebike@gmail.com ) with: 




D) DATES : actual cycling dates

E)  TYPE OF BIKE  :  sport/touring (regular or ladies), road, kids.

F) HEIGHTS  &  INSEAM MEASUREMENTS OF RIDERS  : feet & inches, or cms

G) LUGGAGE TRANSFERS or WATERPROOF PANNIERS :  please specify if you require either

           Note : we cannot transfer luggage to or from airbnb lodgings

H) BIKE DELIVERY ADDRESS/ACCOMMODATION LIST  : this list can be sent later if necessary

Email : aquitainebike@gmail.com

Please visit the contact page for location maps of the area, and travel tips.